Experience peace of mind
knowing how much breast
milk your baby has consumed

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We believe too many mothers are
giving up on natural breastfeeding
We are here to change that

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Breastfeeding has never
sounded so sweet

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Meet Momsense

The smart breastfeeding meter

Providing Australian mothers with real time knowledge of their baby’s milk intake and breastfeeding habits

Breastfeeding with Momsense

Momsense eliminates all of the uncertainties around breastfeeding. Is my baby getting enough milk? Do I have enough supply? The Smart Breastfeeding Meter took 8 years to create and uses a patented technology to measure the volume of each baby’s breast milk intake, while naturally breastfeeding. The product consists of an earphone set connected to a baby safe sensor, which is placed on the baby’s cheek. The world first technology calculates the quantity of milk consumed via a unique audio signal, which distinguishes between effective swallowing of milk sounds and other baby sounds.

Natural breastfeeding has never been easier. Momsense allows you to breastfeed your newborn in the most natural way possible, while measuring baby’s milk intake with 3 easy steps: Monitor, Listen and Experience.

What They Are Saying About Momsense


Monitor your baby’s milk intake and get real-time reports. Create a feeding diary which includes feeding reports, weight and photos.


Listen to your baby feed with our earphones and see your baby’s swallows on the app screen.



Experience peace of mind knowing how much breast milk your baby has consumed.

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  • Find out what Mums are saying

    It was very hard for me to understand why my baby was crying, I thought he didn't have enough to eat. Using the App allowed me to follow his feeding habits and obtain the peace of mind that came from knowing how much he ate. It didn’t take long for the product to become a part of my natural breastfeeding process.


  • Find out what Mums are saying

    During the first few days I would only be able to nurse Adam for one minute before he would fall asleep. I was concerned he wasn’t getting enough milk. But with the product, I saw that he was starting to eat more and more.


  • Find out what Mums are saying

    With my first newborn, I pumped milk in order to know how much she consumed. Now, with my second child, I use the product and am able to breastfeed without being concerned.


  • Find out what Mums are saying

    I had twins, one was smaller than the other and she didn't nurse as much as her brother. Tracking her quantities helped me understand her nursing habits.


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