See How Momsense Works


See How Momsense Works


See How Momsense Works


See How Momsense Works


Using Momsense is easy.

The Momsense algorithm was developed as a result of close to one thousand breastfeeding Mother’s documented in a laboratory. The quantities of milk consumed were compared with recorded changes in babies’ weights directly after feeding (the medical standard today to calculate the amount of milk consumed). As a result, Momsense was able to develop an optimal assessment of the quantity of milk the baby consumed, acting as a life changing resource to help breastfeeding mothers.

All you need to get started is Momsense earphones set and your own smartphone.

Once you receive your Momsense kit, you can plug in the earphones, scan the product code from the package to our App, and start breastfeeding as usual.

Take a look at the Momsense
Breastfeeding Experience:

Timeline Image

The Timeline

The timeline screen enables you to keep an unique diary of your baby’s development. Encapsulating your baby’s journey through daily snapshots of their weight, photos, and feeding habits.

If you wish to track your baby’s feeding habits you will be easily able to filter the report by day/night feedings and even by left/right quantities.

Baby Profile Image

Your Baby Profile

Create an up to date profile for your baby by uploading the latest photos to our unique photo album. You can also update your baby’s weight to track their growth on a weekly basis

By pressing the play button you may also enjoy listening to voice clips of your baby’s adorable feeding voices on a vocal album.

Breastfeeding Report Image

Breastfeeding Report

After each nursing session you’ll receive a detailed report. The report includes the duration of your session, and the quantities consumed each side

Tips Image

Breastfeeding Tips

Keep yourself updated with what our lactation experts have to say through our comprehensive breastfeeding tips section.

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Share Your Experience

We encourage you to share your sessions with your loved ones and allow them to be part of your experience. Simply hand them your earphones and let them have a listen.

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    Momsense Earphones

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    Babysafe Sensor

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    Your Smartphone + The Momsense App


The Momsense app is available now for iOS & Android


Make Momsense your own!

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